Rise ‘n’ shine!

Cutting out grains from my diet a few weeks back, and now starting on the GAPS diet this week, has been a combination of many emotions for me…  excitement has certainly been one – excitement at the challenge of creating delicious, healthy foods with more restrictions.  It’s like a game!  The restriction list is the rules; the “okay list” is the field.   I’m determined to enjoy my time here, spur on my teammates and help them out, brain storm on new strategies and plans of “attack”, and make it all fun for any onlookers in the stands.

Hm…  can you tell what chapter we just started in my French classes?  Sports!  I have French vocab going through my head as I’m typing all this up.  C’est un match de cuisine, je suis une joueuse, et vous êtes les spectateurs… Okay, moving back to food and the kitchen…

But beyond being an exciting challenge, it’s also a loss of identity for me to an extent.  Yes, that’s strange.  And if that’s the case, maybe I needed to lose that part of my identity.

But in all seriousness, ask my friends and family what my reputation was/is, and I’m willing to bet food would be one of the first things that would come up.  Maybe languages, travel, lack of style, avoiding showering, and I don’t know what else would be mentioned, but food would definitely be there.  I like being known as the girl who eats anything, and I really LOVE not fearing to try (most) new foods.  I remember being younger and much pickier and dreading going over to people’s houses just for fear of maybe getting served baked beans!  How I used to hate them!  I love honoring other people by gratefully accepting the food they so generously serve me and eating it all.  And thoroughly enjoying it.  And often eating more if they offer.

So, here comes a new stage in my life.  It is sad, but I do definitely see a thick silver lining around this cloud; I’ll have to expound on that later in another post.

Getting back to my original purpose of starting that whole rambling…  I’ve been super sad to have to wave good-bye to my long-standing delicious Breakfast Sandwich!  Mom’s home-made whole wheat bread, one side thickly slathered in plain yogurt, the other in natural peanut butter, and the twain shall never meet, until in my mouth – a whole banana gets sliced up between.   I’ve long touted its deliciously nutritious benefits to those around me and look forward to its sweet greeting first thing in the morning as I rush out the door at 5:20 to get to school.  It’s my “morning coffee”, the way I wake up, fuel up, and feel ready for a day of “teaching” (or crowd-control, or whatever you want to call it).

Good bye, bread…  good bye, sandwich…


What to look forward to waking up to now???  The search is on…  It’s weird having to think about what I’m going to eat for breakfast the next day.

Yesterday was a day of cooking adventures!  One of the new recipes I tried was really at the last minute, after I had the thought of “Oh, I hadn’t thought about breakfast for tomorrow morning.”   Why not try breakfast egg “muffins”?   Ah, how I love eggs.  On another blog I happened upon, I saw a lady mention puréeing a mixture of eggs, greens, and seasonings and cooking them in the oven in muffin cups.  Easy breakfasts, and they freeze well.  Fun!  I definitely had to try it.

Here’s what I puréed up :

-10 eggs

-~1 1/2 c steamed kale (looks like a lot more in the picture because it hadn’t been steamed yet)

-3 T parmesian

-salt, pepper

But obviously there are infinite options here…  other veggies, spices, meat, cheeses, etc…

What you need for breakfast egg muffins



Yes, they’re rather green from being quite kale-full.  This “recipe” is the perfect amount for 12 full muffin cups, by the way.


-Great-tasting and healthy

-Easily variable

-Easy to whip up and make according to taste and what’s on hand



Never again in the muffin cups.  NEVER.  What a pain to clean.  (a million thanks to Mother Dear for finishing cleaning them!)

So, should I do them in paper muffin cups?  Maybe use my silicone muffin cups that my aunt got me?  Use more grease?  I used leftover beef grease from meatloaf drippings.  A different kind that won’t let them stick?  Just do a breakfast casserole and cut it up before freezing in squares, which would still be easy to grab out of the freezer?  I really liked the idea of “muffins”, but I refuse to wash those muffin tins again. What a pain.

All in all, very glad I did them, but definitely going to do something different next time.  Lots of potential!

(Here’s a better post that Sister Dear found, for basically the same thing.  I want to know what she did about her muffin tins!)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 19:17:44

    Laura (from Heavenly Homemakers) said “well-buttered” in her recipe. I wonder if that would make a difference. I find that buttering bread pans and muffin tins generously really does work well, but coconut oil, for example does NOT work well, so I wonder if tallow would have the same problem. I vote trying them again, but doing a generous buttering :-). They look yummy!


  2. susanegk
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 15:07:14

    Wait, wait. . . I spot something GAPS ILLEGAL. How did I not see that before. Parmesan cheese is legal, but not that powdered stuff that is coated with all the extra ingredients. Check your labels! Never assume something is “only” what it is labelled, without looking at the ingredients list. And yes, major bummer, because non-powdered Parmesan is SO much more expensive. . .


  3. hannahpi
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 15:43:02

    Oh! Bummer. Thank you for spotting that. So what does “100% parmesan cheese” mean anyway??? That’s what it says on the front!
    So sad! I’ve developed a great liking for parmesan lately.


  4. hannahpi
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 15:44:16

    And, thanks for the butter recommendation, btw… I’ll have to try buttering, I guess. 🙂


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