In My Kitchen 5/10/11

Our home computer gave us the blue screen of death 2 weeks ago, so I’ve had very limited computer time in the evenings on my husband’s work laptop, which explains for my relative quiet :-). That and it’s so amazingly gorgeous outside that I’ve been moseying around outside with the kiddos quite a lot and not done quite so much kitchen work. And I’ve also been napping more, since my rooster has been partying middle-of-the-night and still wanting to wake me before 6 am. *yawn* But enough with the excuses. . . this post is less bustle and more random sights in my kitchen.

Look! A gallon-sized glass jar! *swoons* Thank you, T.J. Maxx. . . if only you’d had more. My kombucha endeavours thank you :-).

Recipe notes scribbled in “The Flavor Thesaurus”. . . still waiting to be typed up in a blog post. Last night’s supper was Ratatouille :-).

An extremely simple and over-due project. I’ve been trying only semi-successfully for several months (years?) to switch over to rags from paper towels. I don’t even buy paper towels, but I end up grabbing paper napkins more often than I’d like. I had my rag-rags (as opposed to dish rags ;-D) in a very inconvenient location, and convenience + familiarity = paper napkins more often than rags. So I made this rag holder – elasticized on top and bottom to stuff rags in the top and pull them out the bottom. Hung in a convenient location and it has been SO easy to grab and use them! A friend cross-stitched this tea towel for me for my wedding, but every time I used it I stained it, so I decided it needed a less perilous job :-). It was too pretty for dirty jobs!

I’m making kefir again! And let me tell you, raw milk kefir is SO yummy and creamy!

Trying to get up the “oomph” to try lentils again. This bag has been on my counter for a few days as a reminder. . . every time I’ve tried lentils on the GAPS diet, I haven’t reacted well, but I’ve experienced so many improvements lately, that I’m going to try them again. . . eventually ;-).

I *finally* found a straight-ended metal spatula! It’s amazing how difficult this was to find. All the metal spatulas I was finding had slightly curved ends, which made for poorly-stirred scrambled eggs in the cast iron skillet, which contributed to sticking :-P.

Speaking of. . . help! Why can I not seem to ever make peace with my cast iron? What am I doing wrong? Ergh. Nothing seems to work long-term. I season, I re-season, then I try medium heat, then I try low, then I try this oil for seasoning, or this type of spatula, or that type, this method of cleaning, then I reseason it all because everything is sticking, etc. Maybe I just shouldn’t try scrambled eggs for a good long while? Maybe I should just stick to oily foods until it really gets broken in. . . I don’t know, but scrambled eggs + cast iron are my bane 😛 Any tips would be appreciated :-).

Mmmm. Afternoon snack: raw milk yogurt + raw honey + lime juice.

One of my projects last week was to move the plates and bowls and flatware down to a lower cabinet. Hans thinks this is great fun (which was the intent!) and is eager to set the table now that he can get the dishes himself :-).

Okay, okay, not in my kitchen. Don’t be all technical on me. That’s my annoying job. But look! A tomato plant! Hans and I are going to try not to kill it this summer :-). I have a brown thumb that really wants to be a green one, so I’m trying to start small. Apartment living also helps motivate the “small” part.

And look what I plan to read next!

And here’s today’s dinner. Canned wild salmon over lettuce and chopped celery, with raisins and ranch dressing (made with kefir this time). Yum!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jessicatelian
    May 10, 2011 @ 23:39:43

    So how are you liking “The Flavor Thesaurus”? Scribbling notes in it is a good sign… 🙂


  2. hannahpi
    May 11, 2011 @ 05:44:21

    Ah, such fun! Love the sights and seeing what’s happening in your kitchen/home.

    RATATOUILLE????? So cool!!!!!!! Share recipe you must.

    And what a good thing for Hans to be able to set the table!


  3. meg garrison
    May 11, 2011 @ 06:14:56

    Hmm. Now do you understand why I gave up on my cast-iron skillets? Ugh. Sorry you’re having similar issues.
    The tomato plant! It’s . . . big! Now let Hans go watch it. 😉


  4. susanegk
    May 11, 2011 @ 06:34:37

    I’m loving it, Jessica! It’s your kind of book, I think :-).

    I’ll share the ratatouille recipe soon :-).

    Yeah, well, my pans aren’t nearly as abused as yours were, Mom ;-). But I am having mixed success. Even with my “fool-proof” new seasoning. I can cook some things no problem, but cast iron must hate scrambled eggs :-/.


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