Salmon Egg Salad

We’ve been eating more fish around here lately, and one of my favorite fish options is canned salmon. I can get canned wild salmon at my local store for $2/can (14.75 oz.), which is a great price! One of my favorite uses for canned salmon is salmon patties, but there are plenty of other good options! One option is to make a salmon egg salad, in a similar vein to a chicken salad, a tuna salad, or egg salad. Salmon Egg Salad is yummy to serve over a bed of lettuce, between slices of bread for a sandwich (if you are able), or rolled up in a crepe. Like any salad of this kind, exact measurements are not necessary, and I didn’t do any measuring when I did this one. Follow along with my very basic directions, and tweak to your own taste and available ingredients:

I started with a 14.75 oz. can of wild Alaskan salmon. The kind I buy has skin and bones included. All is supposed to be edible, but I admit to removing the skin. The bones crush up easily and are quite edible.

Next I pulled out my salad spinner from the fridge and fished around in leftover salad for miscellaneous chopped vegetables.

I found some chopped celery and carrots, and added that to my salmon.

I hardboiled a pot of eggs to use, making extras for snacking.

I ended up using 5 of the eggs in the salad. Here they are chopped up:

Then I added a sprinkling of salt and pepper and some raisins. I love the way raisins go with salmon.

And finally, I added just enough kefir to coat everything. Yogurt also works well. Neither has an untoward flavor in this combination, in my opinion, as there are plenty of other strong flavors to overcome the non-mayo effect :-).A dab of mustard would also work well, but I didn’t bother this time around.



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  1. hannahpi
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 20:24:37

    Oh that looks yum!


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