Help Me Come Up With Names!

Nope. Not pregnant. (As far as I know.)

Nope. Not adopting. (At this point in time).

But I need help with names for new members of the family. Well, two of them have been around for a few months. One is a newbie this past week. See, besides feeding myself, husband, and two children, I have 3 other “pets” that I have to regularly feed and  care for in order to keep them alive and well. And I’ve been thinking that I really should give them names, since they’re such a part of our family. *warm fuzzies*

I’m talking about my kefir grains, my kombucha SCOBY, and my sourdough starter. (I refresh my yogurt with a new starter way too often- every 8 weeks or so – for my yogurt bacteria to count as a semi-permanent family member.) All three have their own specifications for care and feeding, and let’s face it: it would be tons more fun to say “I need to feed Fido” than “I need to feed my sourdough starter,” right? So I’ve decided that a-naming we shall go.

But I need help! I have lots of ideas swirling, but need opinions (which I reserve the right to ignore) and original ideas (which I reserve the right to use or discard at will). But first, meet my “pets”:

Here are my kefir grains, aka “Pet #1.” Technically plural, but we could refer to all of them singularly, as in “Fido.” Or we could go with a plural theme, something like “Hive Mind.” Actually, my current favorite option is calling them “IT.” Fans of Madeleine L’Engle should catch the reference. When not coated in cream, the kefir grains look kind of like translucent cauliflower which has slight resemblance to a brain. *grin*

Other facts about this pet: Pet #1 is number three in my succession of kefir grain colonies; I killed the other two, when I went off of dairy 2 years ago and 6 months ago, respectively. This batch comes from a friend in New England, but all kefir grains supposedly originated from the region of Russia or Georgia (the country, not the U.S. state). Pet #1 thrives in dairy products best, at room temperature. He/she/IT is also VERY easy-going when it comes to feeding. No fuss about heating or cooling, just plop him in a new milk bath and he’s good to go.

So what should I name him?

And now moving on. . .

Pet #2 (my kombucha SCOBY) is a pesky fella right now, not letting me turn him right-side up for some reason :-/. He also is kind of a loner, only liking to be cared for every 2 weeks or so. Maybe “Hermit” is a good name. He kind of looks like pond scum, but “pond scum” just doesn’t have that *feel good* name quality I’m searching to find. He originated from a rather boring source. . . a G.T. kombucha bottle from Whole Foods. But his origin further back is Russian. Maybe “Ivan the Terrible” or something shorter like “Boris” or “Dmitri” or “Ekaterina.” Thoughts? Suggestions? Petty comments on his disgusting looks?

And finally. . .

Pet #3 is my recent acquisition :-). He’s a sourdough starter. Most recently from my local CT friend, but my friend got Pet #3 from an internet site called “Carl’s Friends” in memory of some guy named (you guessed it) Carl who advocated the perpetuation of this sourdough starter. Originally, the starter supposedly came from the Oregon Trail, 1847, to be exact. So maybe something related to that could inspire a name. . .

Or we could go with names that don’t really describe the “pets” individually, but sound fun together. Like “Abel, Baker, and Charlie” (Andy Griffith fans, unite!), or a more well-known triumvirate like. . . yes, and that’s where my mind draws a blank. (Persons of the trinity would be downright irreverent and three stooges are NOT an option.)

So help! Come up with clever names for me! I can’t promise a reward, unless you want me to mail you (or locally deliver) parts of my pets, if you’re interested in kefir, kombucha, or sourdough, and need starter culture for any of them. If you come up with a winning trio of names I will happily provide pieces of my pets as prizes ;-).

And yes, I’m devoting way too much thought to all of this. So I’m off to feed Pet #3 and #2 for now. . . #1 is just fine and doesn’t currently need tending ;-).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hannahpi
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 20:41:19

    You’re weird. I can’t imagine any possibility of us being related.


  2. Ben
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 17:51:55



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