Grain-free Clafoutis

Oh yum. Last year I discovered clafoutis via my friend Jessica. In typical Jessica-fashion, her recipe to me ran something along the lines of “a dash of this, a handful of this,” so I tried to translate that as best I could into general measurements (I rarely measure when I cook, but I almost always measure when I bake!) for a recipe, which became a hit with our family last year.

Then I went off grains in January and my recipe sat collecting proverbial dust while I pined away for clafoutis. Thankfully I realized a few weeks ago that DUH I could try making a grain-free version, so I bought some frozen blueberries (my favorite fruit for clafoutis) that then sat in my freezer until today. We’re bracing for Irene here in Hartford, and I’m looking at all the food in my fridge and freezer and trying to frantically use up as much as I can. Not only do the blueberries need using, but I also had 7 dozen eggs as of yesterday (more like 3 dozen now – some eaten, some baked into breads and frozen) and 2 gallons of kefir that I’ve been trying to eat or bake into things. Voila! Perfect time for clafoutis! Here is the recipe I created, which we all enjoyed. I plan to make another one tomorrow, as the first is almost gone, and the second one I’ll refrigerate and we can always pull it out to eat if the power goes.

Grain-free Clafoutis

1/2 stick butter (to melt in pan)
3/4 cup almond flour
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups kefir (or milk or cream or yogurt or probably even coconut milk)
1/2 cup honey
1/2 teaspoon salt
dash of vanilla
1 1/2 cups (approximately) of frozen blueberries

Preheat oven to 350 degrees with a 10″ cast iron skillet in the oven while it heats.

Meanwhile  place almond flour in bowl and break up clumps (almond flour tends to clump). Whisk in eggs to flour, followed by kefir. Then add honey, salt, and vanilla and incorporate. Remove cast iron skillet from oven and melt 1/2 stick butter in skillet, swirling around to coat bottom. Add frozen blueberries and spread to a single layer. Pour batter over berries and bake for approximately 1 hour, until set in middle.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jessicatelian
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 23:06:06

    YAY! So glad you can have clafoutis again!


  2. hannahpi
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 05:43:56

    That DOES look really yummy. Especially in the cast iron pan. MMMmmmm


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