Tomato Labneh Salad

When life gives you soured yogurt. . . make labneh!

When our power was out for a day due to Hurricane Irene, I opted to put more perishable food items in a cooler with ice packs, but left my raw milk yogurt in the fridge (realizing it would come to room temperature). This is because yogurt has a “keeping” quality that allows it to be at room temp for limited time (a day or two) without spoilage, even if the yogurt is made from pasteurized milk. Mine was made from raw milk, though, and while it certainly didn’t *spoil*, it did sour, much like regular raw milk sours at room temperature (or “clabbers”) due to the enzymes and lactobacilli, I believe. Perfectly and safely edible, just puckery. No amount of honey mixed in would help matters.

So I made labneh with it, or “yogurt cheese.” Basically you drain out the whey via this method, and you have left a cream cheese type of consistency that can be spread on fruit or veggies or crackers.  Whey is sour-tasting, and I figured that whey in a soured product would be even more sour, so I drained it out to make the yogurt less potent. It was still a sour product, but much more edible, especially as a topping instead of by the bowl-full.

A few days ago for lunch I threw together this salad with ingredients I had on hand, and it was delicious! The flavors meshed well together. I think a drizzle of toasted sesame oil would also work really well, or sunflower seeds would be a nice addition for “crunch.”

Tomato Labneh Salad

1 large tomato
sea salt
labneh (yogurt cheese)
a handful of raisins
olive oil
raw honey

Directions: Roughly chop tomato and place in bowl. Lightly salt tomato pieces; then add chunks  of labneh. Throw on a handful of raisins, then drizzle with olive oil and raw honey. Eat.

And just some shameless progeny-promotion –  my lunchmate:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hannahpi
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 21:46:59




  2. Jessica
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 11:30:15

    Wow, this looks adventurous and delicious. Although I’d probably have to pick out all the tomatoes…


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