What’s For Dinner?

Susan’s dinner log:
5/28/11 tilapia, broccoli, salad
5/27/11 taco salad with sloppy lentils
5/26/11 cream of leftover chicken and veggie soup, celery sticks and nut butter, almond flour and raisin cookies
5/25/11 meatloaf, green beans
5/24/11 leftover cream of broccoli and garlic soup
5/23/11 crockpot chicken thighs, sauteed beets/turnips/onions/carrots, lettuce salad with Italian dressing
5/22/11 smoothies
5/21/11 hamburgers and lacto-fermented ketchup, mixed veggies, salad with french dressing
5/20/11 cream of broccoli and garlic soup, salad and french dressing
5/19/11 salmon patties with lacto-fermented ketchup, lima beans, salad with ranch dressing
5/18/11 cilantro and lemon almond-crusted pollock fillets, sauteed zucchini, salad with ranch dressing
5/17/11 meatloaf, sauteed turnips, spinach
5/16/11 Mexican chicken and cauliflower soup
5/15/11 sticky chicken legs, green beans, lettuce/cucumber/apple/walnut salad with homemade vinaigrette
5/14/11 fish medley (assorted fillets – tilapia, pollock, salmon), roasted cauliflower and carrots
5/10/11 lettuce, salmon, celery, and salmon salad with kefir-ed ranch dressing
5/9/11 ratatouille and bun-less hamburgers with homemade ketchup
5/8/11 crockpot chicken seasoned with Northwoods seasoning, green beans
5/7/11 spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and meatballs and peas
5/6/11 cream of leftover vegetables and chicken soup, salad and guacamole
5/5/11 meatloaf, roasted carrots, salad and guacamole
5/4/11 cream of butternut squash soup, sausage patties, salad with ranch dressing
5/3/11 pollock fillets, green beans, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash
5/2/11 chicken eggplant wraps, roasted cauliflower, cucumber slices and ranch dressing
5/1/11 grain-free meatloaf, muesli, yogurt I think? (Sunday is very random in the supper department)
4/30/11 creamy chicken soup
4/29/11 creamy chicken soup
4/28/11 leftover hash: sauteed mushrooms and green peppers and threw in 4 containers of fridge leftovers
4/27/11 salisbury steak, roasted turnips, steamed broccoli
4/26/11 cabbage soup with lettuce and dandelion greens salad and guacamole for dressing
4/25/11 canned wild salmon on a bed of lettuce, raisins and sunflower seeds, and guacamole, carrot and celery sticks on the side dipped in ranch dressing
4/24/11 Easter dinner – crockpot seasoned roast chicken, garlicky green beans, roasted cauliflower, roasted carrots, deviled eggs, grain-free apple pie, salad with ranch dressing
4/23/11 leftovers
4/22/11 chicken cacciatore over green beans, with steamed veggies on the side
4/21/11 pumpkin sausage soup and homemade applesauce
4/20/11 meatball soup (modified – without meatballs, just ground meat, among other changes)
4/19/11 hamburgers (bun-less) with homemade mustard and ketchup, mashed cauliflower, spinach
4/18/11 leftovers
4/17/11 smoothies
4/16/11 marinated chicken, green beans, acorn squash
4/15/11 creamy chicken soup
4/14/11 chinese lemon chicken with broccoli, served over steamed grated turnips
4/13/11 tilapia fillets, roasted cauliflower, peas
4/12/11 spaghetti squash with meatballs and tomato soup
4/11/11 cream of cauliflower soup with ground beef
4/10/11 almond-coconut-banana smoothie
4/9/11 butternut squash apple soup
4/8/11 zucchini pasta with tomato sauce, steak “pancakes”, and lettuce salad
4/7/11 meatloaf, green beans, zucchini
4/6/11 cabbage soup for lunch, 5-spice chicken and ??? for dinner
4/5/11 marinated steak, acorn squash and turnip mash, broccoli, lettuce salad
4/4/11 Salmon patties, lima beans, lettuce salad with guacamole dressing
4/2/11 crockpot Scarborough Fair pork chops with tomato soup and green beans
4/1/11 crockpot chicken thighs with turnips and carrots
3/30/11 cream of squash soup with chicken, raw carrots and green pepper
3/29/11 meathloaf with ketchup, cauliflower “rice”, mixed veggies
3/28/11 spaghetti squash with sausage and tomato sauce
3/26/11 hamburgers (bun-less) with homemade ketchup and mustard, spinach, mashed acorn squash
3/25/11 meatball soup (modified)
3/24/11 tilapia with roasted beets, carrots, turnips
3/23/11 chicken thighs with italian seasoning and ??????
3/22/11 lentil soup
3/21/11 egg-drop soup containing chicken, onion, ginger, carrots, peas)
3/19/11 Five-spice chicken legs, roasted cauliflower, green beans
3/18/11 Sausage patties, buttered and sauteed cabbage, cooked carrots
3/17/11 Lettuce salad with carrots, green pepper, raisins, chicken, sunflower seeds, guacamole
3/16/11 Crockpot roast chicken and turnips and onions, and stovetop frozen mixed veggies
3/15/11 Carrot butternut squash soup, raw sliced and salted turnip
3/14/11 chicken stir-fry with onion, mushroom, green pepper, and “sticky chicken” seasoning, served burrito-style in coconut flour crepes
3/13/11 Leftover honey-glazed chicken, with green peas and a turnip-carrot mash
3/12/11 Ground beef, butternut squash, and collard greens hash, seasoned with 5-spice powder
3/11/11 Honey-glazed chicken thights, raw carrots and celery, and guacamole, and roasted cauliflower
3/10/11 Meatball Soup (modified)


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